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About Me


I'm an enthusiastic and dedicated research scholar with machine learning background. My current research interests include neural networks, deep learning, machine learning, progressive learning, online learning, classification, regression, and time-series prediction. During my PhD, I introduced and developed progressive learning technique (PLT) for machine learning classification. The PLT is the next logical step in the sequence of batch and online learning. It is capable of learning multiple new classes on the run by automatically reconfiguring the network and yet retains the knowledge learnt thus far. I've also developed online universal classifier that can perform binary, multi-class and multi-label classification. 

progressive learning technique



Machine Learning

Various machine learning techniques, algorithms and tools

2012 - 2016

Nanyang Technological University

Doctor of Philosophy

Thesis Title: Human-inspired Progressive Learning Techniques for Classification Problems.

Supervisor: Prof. Er Meng Joo


Binary, Multi-class and Multi-label Classification

Online Learning

Learning from sequentially arriving data streams

Progressive Learning

Learning new classes/labels on the run by retaining the previously learnt knowledge

2008 - 2012

P.S.G. College of Technology

Bachelor of Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering 

Neural Networks

Single layered and multi layered neural networks for classification, regression and time-series analysis

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