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A Novel Progressive Learning Technique for Multi-class Classification [PDF][Code]

Rajasekar Venkatesan, Meng Joo Er

Neurocomputing, 2016, vol. 207, pp. 310-321.

A Novel Online Multi-label Classifier for High-speed Streaming Data Applications [PDF][Code]

Rajasekar Venkatesan, Meng Joo Er, Mihika Dave, Mahardhika Prathama, Shiqian Wu

Evolving Systems, 2016, pp.1-13.

A Novel Online Real-time Classifier for Multi-label Data Streams [PDF][Code]
Rajasekar Venkatesan, Meng Joo Er, Shiqian Wu, Mahardhika Prathama

International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2016.


Multi-label Classification Method Based on Extreme Learning Machines [PDF]
Rajasekar Venkatesan, Meng Joo Er

International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision, 619-624.


A High Speed Multi-label Classifier Based on Extreme Learning Machines [PDF]
Meng Joo Er, Rajasekar Venkatesan, Ning Wang

International Conference on Extreme Learning Machines, vol. 2, pp. 437-454


An Online Universal Classifier for Binary, Multi-class and Multi-label Classification [PDF]
Meng Joo Er, Rajasekar Venkatesan, Ning Wang

IEEE Conference on System, Man and Cybernetics


A Survey of Cognitive Architecture for Cognitive Robotics
Meng Joo Er, Rajasekar Venkatesan

Book Chapter, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Under Review.


A Novel Incremental Class Learning Technique for Multi-class Classification [PDF]
Meng Joo Er, Vijaya Krishna Yalavarathi, Ning Wang, Rajasekar Venkatesan

Advances in Neural Networks, ISNN2016, pp. 474-481.


A Novel Progressive Multi-label Classifier for Class-incremental Data
Mihika Dave, Sahil Tapiawala, Meng Joo Er, Rajasekar Venkatesan

IEEE Conference on System, Man and Cybernetics

graph2vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Graphs [PDF]

Annamalai Narayanan, Mahindhan Chandramohan, Rajasekar Venkatesan, Lihui Chen et. al

Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs (co-located with KDD), 2017

Sentiment Classification Using Comprehensive Attention Recurrent Models [PDF]
Yong Zhang, Meng Joo Er, Rajasekar Venkatesan, Ning Wang, Mahardhika Pratama

International Joint Conference on Neural Networks.

Progressive Learning Strategies for Multi-class Classification

Rajasekar  Venkatesan, Meng Joo Er, Ning  Wang, Chiang-Ju  Chien

International Automatic Control Conference (CACS 2017)

Aspects of Structure and Parameters Selection of Control Systems Using Selected Multi-Population Algorithms [PDF]

Krystian Łapa, Jacek Szczypta, Rajasekar Venkatesan

Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, 247-260.


A Study of Experiential Learning Theory Using Fuzzy Inference System [PDF]
Sayantan Mandal, Meng Joo Er, Yiik Diew Wong, Rajasekar Venkatesan

Fuzz-IEEE, 1-5.


Implementation of AVCS using Kalman Filter and PID Controller in Autonomous Self-Guided Vehicle [PDF]
D Sivaraj, A Kandaswamy, Rajasekar Venkatesan, PB Sankar Ganesh, G Manikandan

International Journal of Computer Applications IJCA (0975 - 8887), Vol. 27(2), Aug 2011, pp 1 - 8.


Design and Development of Vision Based AVCS [PDF]
D Sivaraj, A Kandaswamy, Rajasekar Venkatesan

European Journal of Scientific Research (EJSR), Vol. 67(2), 2012, pp 309-323.


Vision Based Autonomous Lateral and Longitudinal Control System [PDF]
D Sivaraj, A Kandaswamy, Rajasekar Venkatesan, PB Sankar Ganesh

International Journal of Instrumentation and Control Systems, Vol 2(4), Oct 2012, pp 73-91.

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